My Mark Left Without Warning.

My husband passed away 11-30-12 he died in my arms after doing CPR on him for 20 mins until help arrived.His birthday is on Saturday and our 2nd wedding anniversary is on Monday and I am dreading it with every inch of my being.
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I know the pain your feeling my heart goes out to you, sorry for your loss. Its a beautiful thing that you was with him. Don't mourn his death instead celebrate his life, the memories you shared. On my husbands birthday I'm getting him his favorite cupcake with a candle, weird not to me. Stay strong keeping you in my prayers.

You were with him when he died that is good
my wife died on a street in Saigon in 1967 after a bomb went of killing her and a few others I was not there to even say good-bye and,

i do not know if she heard me the day before when I told her I loved her, just as they plane I was in was hit by a SAM fired by the US Army.