When I woke up on 8-22-14, I knew deep down nothing was okay. He should have been home at 8am, and it was 9am. I called his phone 8 times in 42 minutes: all straight to voicemail.
I called a friend of mine to check about the wreck down the road from where she lives. Her husband drove the short distance to the scene, and I got a call that a silver car had been involved in an accident.
My heart broke. I just knew.
My friend and I rushed to the scene, and arrived just in time to watch my tiny, smushed, silver car go by on a wrecker.
A few moments later, I got a phone call from my friend telling me I needed to come home. When we pulled into the yard, the undeniable proof slapped me in the face. A police car, and a trooper.... I knew. I knew he was gone.
They sat me down, and explained that my husband had crossed the center line (fell asleep) and had a head on collision with a fully loaded 18 wheeler at 60mph.
My world is gone. My everything is gone. He was 22.
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My husband died 30/7 -14. He was on his Way to buy new shoes but for some reason he never got out of the car. I did call the police since he didnt answered the Phone and i could see where he was through find My iPhone. When the got there they started cpr but it didnt work. He was 34, i am 26 and we have two daugthers. I lost My world to.. If you would like to talk or anything, maybe we are feeling the same emptyness. No one can understand the pain

I am so sorry dear, really i can feel your pain, sometimes bad things happen and in this case we can't do anything about it, just go on, I am sure he wouldn't like to see you sad, you are very young, pray for him, he will take care of you always.