Lost Without My Husband

I am a young widow. My life  only evolve around him. He is a quiet guy. we dont have people who we can hang out together. we know people but not close. it's hard now I dont have anybody to share, to do things, I;m scare to go alone. I dont know where can i stay. i'm homelss. luckily a friend willing to offer her house for awhile. i dont have a job and good skill to support myself in this bad economy. I'm so lonesome . I dont know who can help me. i tried to go to support group. still it's hard to deal it alone without someone i had known and trust. i donthave anybody but my husband. i wish on my apartment searching i have someody to accompany me. cos i dont trust my judgement so far. i lost hing, i made wrong decision. i'm panic. people i try to talk will eassily say to forget things, and move on. i can't focus, concentrate, do things well. even when i drive i dont know where to go sometimes.


is it just me, that we need peopel around when we grief? am i crazy to feel panic, not focus, los thting,s not having good judgement.


usa2005 usa2005
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 19, 2010

Jesus loves you and cares what you are going through. He is close to the broken-hearted and hears their prayers for help. Go to JoyceMeyer.com and watch one of her podcasts.