As A Mormon I Had No Identity

Raised from birth into a belief system based solely on lies and deceit, gave up two years of my life to recruit, not educate; to spread the lies, not learn the truth; to force what had been forced on me onto others and not to grow myself as an individual.

After the two years were done and gone, I was to get a job and give 10% of my earnings to the church, help with various classes and activities and simply do what I was being told witout asking questions.

I was like so many others a drone, a slave who worked for an organization that did nothing but lie and cheat, keeping its members in an emotional and intellectual cage while pesenting itself to the rest of the public as a benevolent entity. The truth is that while under their control I had no real self-identity, all I did was for the church, all I thought was for the church, all I believed was what I was being told to believe.

I have only recently begun to know WHO I am thanks to having broken free from the brainwashing of the LDS / Mormon cult, and the best part of it all is that I know that God loves me more now then he ever did before because I am a better person now then I ever was before.  My time, my thoughts, my faith are now my own to give as I will and are no longer the property of some faceless church that was built on lies and continues to uphold these falsehoods and claims them to the the ONLY truth..
ScottShaw ScottShaw
31-35, M
May 9, 2012