Not Lost... Stollen

The Step-monster… no details, not ready, don’t know if I ever will be. I tried once, to tell, the egg donor said it wasn’t possible, he was too wonderful, kind, loving… maybe too loving I thought. It wasn’t intercourse but in the mind of a child I don’t think there was much of a difference. It was a collection of episodes over the years that all added up to the theft… theft of my innocence. He took it, I can’t get it back and I want him to suffer for his crime.


*heavy sigh* …just a thinking kinda day


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I feel your pain. I keep having this dream at night. Well, 3 actually.
Plus: I find myself torn from within, about a book of all things: A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard. 1) I want to read it because, perhaps it will Help me understand my own feelings. 2) I do Not wish to read it because: To read it, whether in the News Media stories, or h book itself, or to hear it, again the News Media or an Audio eBook, is to live it in my heart. (And I doubt I've the Strength I need to bear that)

*Hugs MSP tightly*

Gr-r-r-r . I'm sorry lass. <br />

I agree with outofbiz....he will get what is coming.<br />
<br />
I am sorry honey, I too went through a stolen innocence. I was 9, he was an older teen...nobody came to help. The pain is lessened with love of those who understand. *embraces you*

Took me a moment to read between the that I have, I am saddened by your strong because you cannot change the past nor can you let it control you... :)

It's a crazy world but sometimes the most terrible things that happen to us becomes the things that makes us a stronger and better person, you took the first step in recovery by writing about it. keep on writing the pen is a mighty double edge sword. Those days in the funk will always be there but the pen is the tool that will release you. good luck and feel better Elvirus