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What is innocence and how do I lose it?... Was I ever innocent to begin with?...

drcynic drcynic
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According to karma no one is ever truly innocent...

I love seeing little kids (ha how bad does this sound) because they look so happy with everything. I really feel incredibly annoyed at the idea they will grow up. Holden Caulfield time!<br />
I don't think I was innocent for long, and I'm not really now...too much happened, I suppose. <br />
Weirdly though, bad things happening seem to make me less cynical. Because they force you to find something beautiful to hold onto.

I am only a cynic on paper... I am at heart an idealist.<br />
<br />
When you've been abused from the time you can last remember... Like the age of three... There is no childlike awe... It never happened. <br />
<br />
I've just learned to use humor to make life more palatable.

you don't remember it because your cynicism blocks the possiblity that you had rainbows and butterflies... I had them... back in the day... now its more like beer and xanax... HAH!

Childlike awe... I don't even remember having it... My life was never rainbows and butterflies, haha.

Your childlike awe was your innocence... when life happened and you realized that everything wasn't rainbow and butterflies your innocence was lost...