What Is It to Mean Loosing One Innocent

Is It Facing the World For what it is? Is it waking to find what is Lost. I mean so many Things. I lost my Innocents a While back. When I Realized that Life isn't candy Canes and lollipops. The day I was Left alone. The moment I was Hit. The moment when I woke to realize Relationships come with pain. Innocents was Lost From the Time I was 9 Everyday A loose more and More. I guess I am problematic in thinking this way. Just the way it is.

matthewsmommy matthewsmommy
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I know :) thanks to you's guys

Ur not problematic, ur looking at past reality.......I do the same from time to time

True :)


I am sorry for your pains in life. But I must say this...<br />
<br />
Until the day comes where we no longer feel the need to ask "why?' We have not truly lost our innocence, we have only gained experience and understanding.