Help Me Find It Please....

I am not quite sure I ever had innocence but somewhere along the way I lost it.  I am not sure if it was in High School after the prom when I stayed out ALL night long french kissing a most gorgeous young man.  Or maybe it was in college at one of the many Frat parties I attended.  Quite possibly it was in the front seat of that police car so many years ago.  I am not sure where my innocence was lost but there are many days that I wish I could find it.  Possibly I will take out a personal ad... It could read:

Innocence lost somewhere along the way. Last seen sometime in Jr. High School.  Answers to the name "Angel."  Reward offered for information leading to the return of my innocence. 

Oh wait that won't work because can you ever really return to innocence?


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The Moons were always my favorite part of that particular cereal lol

Uh huh.

Agreed Nan... That was a god thing but I do miss my innocence lol... Glad you liked my story....<br />
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AC, I have a game called "Twist Her" that might be more fun but it is naughty not innocent. LOL but you know that Naughty is fun because "fun" is ohhh soooo naughty. lol

Aah, FunnGirl, you've done it again! What fun reading this is. I'm still not sure whether you meant you lost your innocence, or your virginity, or if you are just being provocative. (Who! YOU???? provocative????) I'm not sure where I lost my innocence. Have to think about that. But it wasn't when I lost my hymen. I found virginity an encumbrance, and set out consciously, wilfully and deliberately not to LOSE it, but to GET RID OF IT!

Thanks Cyclist... I can't go 5 days much less 5 years so thanks but no thanks..<br />
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Hey AC where are our magic markers... I need curtains in that fort lol.

There is a statute of limitation on virginity. I think it is 5 years without sex, then you are a virgin again. Regained innocence takes much longer.

Oh and Jay I think you are teaching me so much sweetheart..>> (kisses)

Well JJ BEFORE JJ (AKA BJJ) I was very innocent but then you corrupted me. . . I may be the older sister but you taught me how to be naughty lol

There's always Alzheimer’s, newly innocent every day.

LOL bad boy DK LOL... funny though and I can imagine you saying that with your aqccent and it makes me giggle.<br />
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MMM that incense smells heavenly.... Oh wait that is just me. LOL sorry GTG lol.<br />
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M&M, now I didn't say I wanted to be totally innocent as in not knowing what sex is but just a little less tainted than I am now lol

Innocence returns while sleeping but vanishes upon awakening or erotic dreaming. You can have your hymen restored, it's called a hymenoplasty," for $2,000-$4,000, and then you can have it un-restored, it's called an addadicktome, and it's free....

Oh M&M that might restore my body but not my mind. I want it all.

I believe: The thing you think is smart today will seem dumb after a year or so innocence wears out everyday-little by little. There is no end.

an online innocence reclaimation project...or the OIRP.<br />
I am sure you could get a lot's of donations.

You are so bad Jay! SOOOOOOO bad

Oh my girls. You are terrible... I am sure both of you lost your innocence well before Fungirl.

No, you were thinking of "HO's"

See! Now, you can google it any time you need it :-)

They sure did.... I had forgotten about that.

Sure you can be returned to innocence. Remember, they wrote a song about it in the 1990's...

If you never remember anything else I say remember this Jay.... "Naughty is fun because fun is ohhhh so naughty."