I Lost My Job Today

Today was just another busy work day. I love my job. I work or I did for a Plastic Surgeon as a Medical Assistant. At about 5:15 pm today I was gathering my purse and jacket to go home when the Office Manager asked to speak to me. She told me that my position was no longer needed and that they were just going to use the two nurses and increase one of them to full time and do away with my position. She told me today was my last day. We were supposed to be packing up our office all next week for an exciting move into a brand newly built office. I was speechless and devastated. When I came home this evening I noticed that a Plastic Surgeon in my area was on line advertising for an ad for a Medical Receptionist/Assistant. They used a strange e-mail address and said they were hiring immediatley and to e-mail resumes. There was no practice name mentioned or fax number given. The ad posted yesterday. I really think it is from my employer or previous employer. The ad does state its a busy Plastic Surgery practice. Wow I am still in shock. I got along so well with all of my co workers and I really worked my butt off! I can't help but wonder what I did wrong or if it was something personal. I had worked there for a little over a year and never had a cross word with anyone. Anyone out there have any opinions?
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The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. <br />
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I had been working there for years and one day out of the blue the boss called me in and said he was eliminating my position! I was shocked, I reminded him how much I love my job and that I planned on retiring from there in another 18 years. Since I was always busy at work I couldn't figure out why he would eliminate me. But he refused to answer any of my questions so I will never know what really happened. <br />
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I've talked to co-workers since then and he told everyone that my position was simply eliminated. The whole office has been reeling in fear since then and worried about their own jobs. I was the nicest person in the building so maybe nice gals do finish last?!?<br />
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Someone has told me you have to treat a lost beloved job like you would a death. You have to go through the phases of grief just like you would with a person. I've been through the disbelief, the anger, the sadness and I'm trying to get through the acceptance part. <br />
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I've talked to plenty of other unemployed people since then who say there are over 100 applications for every job posted anywhere in this city! I didn't even realize that the unemployment was that high. <br />
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Of course I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would ever be without my job so I was totally unprepared to make the neccessary contact list that you must have in order to get any interviews anywhere.

It sounds like your a very intelegent and knowledgeable woman. I have no doubt that you will get another job. Don't worry about what you think you might have done wrong! Instead use it as a window being opened and explore new beginnings. As yougot along with your coworkers find out from them what is going on behind the scenes. I am rooting for you!!!!!