I Found A Job I Like!

FINALLLLLLY! Thank You God!!! i'm finally ok with my situation after some long soul searching, praying and diligent job searching. I've been applying for jobs like crazy, day and night, DAY AND NIGHT! my bills are starting to get paid late and i'm usually not like that. But back to the great news, i went onto Google and searched up company's that were hiring in my area and found a couple i actually thought i could do so i applied and after a few days or so one company hired me .i contacted on of their hiring agents and she explained the position to me and its been my first two weeks so far and i've gotten two checks, both came out to $796.53. It doesn't seem like alot but its because of the amount of days i chose to work, i get paid every friday which is good because i hated getting paid every two weeks, by the time my check came i would be completely broke like wtf. The company site i went on to get hired was motorclubemployment.com i read the information first to see if it was something i could do and im glad i thought so because its been working out great for me, hope it can help some of you out too.Lata guys!
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26-30, F
1 Response Sep 16, 2012

good on you girl. perseverance and God?