Aside From the Terror - It Feels Pretty Good

My job has been terminated.  I have 2 months to find a new one.  I'm concerned over how I'll support my family - but it has been a revelation to me.  I was always afraid of losing my job.  The only thing that would be worse - would be losing my family.  Turns out that I am not "my job"

I'm looking forward to finding a new adventure, with my newfound sense of truth.  It's pretty cool.  I'm not worried about what others think.  I'm just a simple guy with a big heart.  I'm not what I do.

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7 Responses Jun 23, 2009

YES!! SO the truth. Thanks for this thoughtful message - I am learning to embrace the unknown myself.

Well I am sorry my friend. That happened to me last winter. I was in shock for awhile. I believe you can find another one tho!

I am sure you will be just fine. Things will come together for you. In your journey I am sure you will rediscover yourself my friend. Keep the faith!!!

Thanks for asking smartchick. I found a new job and I'm looking forward to something different. I started a few days ago. I'm terrified of taking the 20K per year pay cut - but I like the idea of a fresh start. I have faith that it will work out. I like not being my job - but I have no idea of who the hell I really am

So how's the job search coming Pete. Excellent to discover that you are not your job. For years I was my job and a total type A personality. I'm glad I snapped out of it--my family wanted to kill me. I'm so much happier now and really living life.

My poor's good to see you have a positive attitude...that is definitely a good thing. You are in my thoughts too... (((hugs)))

Whoa.... that sucks!<br />
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I'm sure you'll come up with a suitable plan. You'll be in my thoughts.<br />
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