Not So "merry" Maids...

I looked for work for over a year and finally landed a job at a maid service in October. I was told I'd be getting "full time," which is more like part time, but paid nearly 11 dollars per hour. About a week after I got there, the boss handed out this long list of customer complaints to me and my co-workers that she recieved previous to my employment. Most of her customers were dissatisfied with the service. By my second month being there, I started to hear rumors going around that she would soon be laying people off because there wasn't enough work to spread out amongst us all. A few weeks later, I noticed I had fewer and fewer hours, bringing home less than $150 per week. My coworkers, who were there for many years also had fewer and fewer hours. I started to get really nervous. One day, after work, my boss called me in her office and told me I wasn't doing a good job. I told her I would improve, and in the back of my mind I couldn't see where I was going wrong. No one ever complained about me, my customers actually called in to my boss to praise me. I started thinking that she was trying to get me to quit, but I heldfast. The following week, I was talking to a coworker. I told her how nervous I was about loosing my job and she told me that I was doing just fine, but to be really careful. Well, the night before, I had this horrible dream that it took me five hours to clean one kitchen and got fired for it. After my conversation with my coworker, when work was all done, I was called into the office again and told that I was being let go for "not doing a good job." I held back my tears until I made it out of the driveway. I had never been fired before, no employer of mine has ever been unhappy with my work. I am baffled! I have three kids at home and an unemployed husband. We were'nt even able to pay the bills with what I did have coming in. I feel horrible. I'm terrified!

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I am still looking for a job.

Thanks ms riot. It really is rough out there. They are laying off a bunch of teachers in my area and some are retiring early. Our schools will suffer badly without these teachers. The classrooms will be much too full and the quality of their education will decline even further. We haven't passed a levy in about ten years, but what made it so much worse was the economy. enrollment is down 50%, since 2007 so we are loosing a lot of residents. Every other house on my street has been for sale for years. It's turning into a ghetto. I've watched people go into the abandoned houses stealing copper pipes. This is a city that was recently dubbed "The best place to raise your kids." Now, it's turning depressed and full of drugs, theft, domestic violence, homelessness, etc. My mother has a Masters degree. She has been without employment for two years. She ended up homeless. She just now got a part time tutoring job, but the Cleveland schools have cut back on funding and they told her a few days ago that tutoring will end in a day. The apartment she just moved into this month is cheap, but without a job, she may loose it. I gave up looking for work because all the responses I received were scams. My hubby is in the process of restarting our business. He registered with the BBB, and it's helped encourage more inquiries. So, we've been able to get by pretty good lately. He's worked for 21 days in a row with no break. I am so grateful for his abilities, otherwise we'd be homeless too. I hope the best for you, ms. riot. The great thing about life is that the only thing permanent is change. Things will get better for all of us, we just have to be patient and keep a good outlook and everything will fall into place.

what a b! she "fired" you so she wouldn't have to pay unemployment benefits, although did nothing wrong. it's rough out there, and although i am a laid off educator, i used to clean houses back in the day!<br />
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i'm still looking for work. let's both stay strong.