Girls Night Out

I had a girls night out last night first for a while so I was looking forward to it. I dressed in a basque style black satin top, short fitted satin skirt, stockings (almost showing) and suspender belt and satin thong I felt hot!
We went to a few bars were I was getting a lot of looks which was great and we desided to go to the local club early, at this time it was free and not very full so we had a round of shots to get the night going. even though the club was only half full we got a lot of attention, even more when we went to dance.
On the dance floor we did our usual act of lifting each others skirts pulling on tops but not showing too much, even so we got a few lads up dancing with us. After all our games I was showing my stockings and my top had two fasteners undone but nothing over the top, still this was enough for a lad to try his luck with me, he asked me for a drink so I thought why not.
we sat near the dance floor drinking when he lent over and kissed me then he put his hand on my leg and moved it slowly towards my knickers.
he was taking ages so I grabbed has hand and placed it between my legs and put his other hand on my top. he stopped and pulled away not the reaction I was hoping for then he smiled and put his hand between my legs again but this time inside my knickers and hi other hand started pulling my top down.
I grabbed his hand on my boob and said not here and led him up stairs to were the tiolets and seating cubicles were.
we sat in a cubicle near the back and he pulled my skirt up my grabbed both sides on my thong and removed it then he undid my top until my boobs escaped. he un did his belt dropped his jeans and thrust his very hard **** inside me. he has very good took his time but still came before me :( he had got what he wanted so pulled up hi jeans and left.
I looked around but could not find my knickers anywhere so sorted my self out and nipped to the toilet then returned to my friends.
we danced again but this time every time my friends lifted my skirt I knew the lads were getting more than they expected to look at and I did manage to finish what I started with the other lad later but never recovered my thong.
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That's a hot encounter! Even lost your undies!

Love your stories! Please add me.

Great story bet the guy had them to show off to his mates

LOL Lost your knickers that is funny. Love the thought of you dancing with no panties on post sex...

Was his *** running down your leg when go got back to the dance floor?

a very erotic story

My wife has lost her panties during a night out with the ladies.

sexy story, if that was me, and you had not *** ye, i would of eaten ya and gotten you off...wink wink...fair is fair!

A treasured souvenir for him no doubt

Yes ! the lucky lad got a souvenir and a great time with one hot woman! I bet he still sniffs that thong today

Someone probably kept it for his viewing/smelling pleasure

A hot story - sounds like he may have got a trophy to remember you by ;)

My wife found a pair of someone else's panties under the drivers seat of my car and leaped to the conclusion I had something to do with them being there.

I can understand why. lol! -- DD

A very happy evening.

It's seem that you like satin and macho guy who treat you like **** or *** bucket. If to get you hot and bothered the cost is to get drunk I will gladly pay that price. Give me a date we will meet and I will treat you like what you really are a **** and a ***** for the night.

This sounds like something that my xwife would do. She lost hers more than once

I lost mine one time in the stacks of the college library. Well, at least, I was being studious.

sounds like a hot night just begun.. I'd love to give you more baby! **** your so hot lover.. and a shame to waste it already? I am hard for you just oggling those sexy ****..

Sorta "Good news and bad news" , I guess

he keeps pulling it out from his collection 2 jerk off into while he rembers u =)

Very erotic!

he took it. A guy should ALWAYS make the woman ***, only right

Sound's like he knicked your thong as a souvenir

Wow ! quite the hot sexy story ! i want to party with you babe ! growl

You are such a tease wish I was in that club. nice story

Very very sexy story! Thank you!

I wish my wife were more like you. Could you add me as a friend?

Oh no not the white tong I don't even know what club and somebody got them already,ha,
buying more white tongs, okay what club, i'll be the older good looking white boy with no face picture of you with no head, so when you see this guy walking around with your headless bikini picture stuck to my fore head tell me okay

Sounds like you had a great night, except you lost your favorite white satin panties.But I probably would have taken them also to play with later. Plus you got a second go round .

I would like to have them but then you would have had to pay to get them back! LOL