A Year On - What Has Changed Happy New Year

A year after my ten week stay at JCUH and a lot has changed. Although I'm still not as fit as I was pre-amp, and am still on anticoagulant medication (which I will spend the rest of my life taking); but I am walking again, and regaining stamina. A year ago I was laying in a hospital bed barely strong enough to squeeze a ball of paper, and today I am back walking and climbing.

Last year I made a new years ressolution, the only one I've ever kept, I will be back doing what I love again by this time next year... And to a certain extent I have kept that promise, in the new year i will begin to learn to drive and hopefully get my A levels in june next year.

I do not miss my leg and have a far easier and better life without, so if any of you are in the dark place I was last year, there is no rush, it may take time, and be frustratingly slow, but look back and see how far you've come, and most of all enjoy the journey.

"Every 60 seconds you spend sad, angry, frustrated or annoyed is one whole minute of happiness you will never get back"

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My sister developed a terrible blood clot in her leg, as did my dad. So my sister had a good doc, evidently, who did genetic testing. It showed she had something called Factor V (5) Leiden B. clotting disorder. I also have this and my daughters will be tested soon. If you haven't had a clotting disorder blood panel run by a doctor, you should. It could affect your siblings and future children also. <br />
I hope the best for you. You have an awesome attitude!!

Thank you 'catslady66'. Can't say I've ever heard of 'Factor V (5) Leiden B', I have something called 'antiphospholipid syndrome' which is genetic, and can explain the history of blood clots on my mother's side of the family (pity she forgot to mention this when asked). My sister has had a series of tests to make sure she hasn't any blood clotting problems and should be clear for another 3 years. I have been told about the dangers of having children whilst taking my medication, and also the possibilty of passing the blood clotting disorder on to them. Haha, we'll see, it's a case of finding the right man first ;) I hope your daughters tests come back with a good result, and wish the best for yourself and your family :D