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August 8, 2007 should be a day that I will never forget. But I can't remember it. I do know that I just got off work, got on my Harley, and was heading home. I had only been on the road for less than a mile when a car pulled out in front of me. From what I'm told, I locked up the brakes, kept the bike upright until the very last second, and than laid it down just before I hit the car. The bike and my right leg got wedged under the frame of the car. My leg was tore off at the scene of the accident, I broke my jaw, my nose, and had a bad head injury. A doctor came upon the accident and even though she tied off my amputated leg, I still bled out before the helicopter got there. When I finally made it to the hospital the doctors didn't give me much of a chance to live. At times I wish they had been right. After 4 days on life support I finally woke up. The first thing that came to my mind was I thought I just broke leg and it was numb. I pulled back the blanket, expecting to see a cast, but all I saw was a stump. I knew that my world would never be the same.

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Hi I had a right bk amputation 12-21-2012 froma staff infection in my ankle, I wasn't sure what my life would become, I was a very good Truck Driver of 35 yrs.,But I was very determined to make the best of it. In june 2013 I was back at my job with no modification to the truck I operate loaders to load my truck & haul on interstate highway,s to off rd drilling sights. Work has slowed down for the winter now so my wife & I have started a firewood business, we go out to the forest ,cut trees ,block,split & deleiver it. Thank God for letting me cntinue on with my life, and I am very lucky to have a Great team of doctor's,& a supportive Family and friends esspecialy My wife that waited on me& took great careof me while I was recovering, oh she still is triing to protect me from myself. The amputation was an inconveinence but far from the end. Jim J.

i know exactly how u fill on august 11 2012 i was in a auto accident thought i was gona get to keep my legg but it got a bone infection just had it amputated 2 weeks ago people get mad when u say u wish u didnt live through it but why live when life is so awfull i also lost my boyfriend of9 yrs he died in the accident h was the lucky one

Although I cannot relate to your accident, it makes me sad that you wrote, "when I finally made it to the hospital the doctors didn't give me much of a chance to live. At times I wish they had been right." I am thankful you are still alive and I hope you are doing well. <3

*hugs* I'm grateful you're alive.

I am an amputee since last year March 17,2011, I woke up one day and my leg was swollen i talked to my daughter then suddenly my head fell down i couldnt hold it up i start slurring my speech i couldnt talk ,doctor said it was sepsis some kind of blood infection i went in at 11 they said and by 4 pm i was at deaths door.All i remember waking up after i was in a coma for months and all i remember are weird dreams i guess it was the morphine I was on for pain and to top it off i had 3 major surgery last year one was for hysterectomy i had a football size mass in my stomach thank god it wasnt cancerous, i had a filter put in me to stop blood clots from going to my hear im on coumedin now and have weird side affects at times, i spent march to may in hospital with feeding tubes trach in my throat al kinds of machines on me to live , I guess I had a purpose to come back and share my story . Back in 2008 dec 5 i lost my husband to mesothelioma i watched a strong determined person slowly go away. I cant get a leg because of i got some money from his death i have to wait till it is gone to get my medical back in the mean time i do all my own work the way i am . thank god i made it threw everything and didnt come home with any machines on me or anything . Its been over a year now and i live day to day and happy im here for my kids and grandkids.

On September 4, 2010 I was a first time passenger on an 'in-laws family' motorcycle & we were hit by a drunk driver! Broke his right leg & mine with major damage to my leg & foot. We were stopped in turn lane to turn left. The guests that had already arrived saw me being flipped over driver's pick up. After 20 months of surgery, staff infection & osteoporosis due to my 75 years, I decided to decline the last ditch surgery option that would necessitated removal of my knee if unsuccessful with only a projected 70% chance of success. My lower leg & foot was amputated on April 24th,2012 & I will still have my knee & my first Prothesis by the end of this month! I feel extremely blessed to be alive, not paralyzed & looking forward to walking & driving again. Now I can enjoy my retirement that I was looking forward to beginning that September. The driver is in prison for 4 years after attending Serenity House for detox and treatment. My wish for him is to remain sober for his family and teenage daughter when his time is served. <br />
I feel truly blessed because of Parkland Hospital & family care & friend's prayers and plan to resume being a healthy, active senior citizen. A gift from my family character is approaching life with a positive attitude & that has sustained me throughout this difficult time!

Hello,<br />
I'd like to share my story as well. I am a 47 yr old woman, I've been amputated since 27 years now. I lost my leg in a motocycle accident, and my leg was torn off at the scene of the accident. I thought my life was a success, but somehow I've never been happy, fulfilled so to speak. I just recently realized that the reason why is because I have not accepted my loss yet. Wow! So many years wasted. I have some very strong healing to do. Physical image for me has always been important, and still is today, but I need to accept the artificial limb as part of me. If you are a young woman having had such an unfortunate accident, please go get some help to get over this so that you can be the most beautiful person that you are supposed to be. I'm tired of fighting this, and I've finally decided to come out. Not only do I have a broken image, but also a broken heart - it needs healing.<br />
Thank you for allowing me to express my feelings and thoughts.

I can relate yet under different circumstances. On august 14th, 2008, I woke up to pain and a black spotted foot. Gangrene to be exact. The thing is I was septic and had no outward signs of the infection. To make matters worse, I have no living family. So at the time the numerous doctors came in the er room telling me I may not make it, I accepted it. No tears, and I despise pity. But I do understand wondering if I shoulda lived. Wasn't in my hands I guess. Life is precious...granted. But it's so much harder now than before. Dating isn't even an option. Because, in my case, the stump is mine and mine alone. I can't face rejection due to my abnormal leg, or. Lack there of. In the end, I am walking with a prosthesis, no more wheelchair!

In Sept. 8 2009 My boyfriend and I were on the Harley and a lady hit us and tore off my right foot, so now Im bk amputee I have very bad nerve pain and phantom feeling and I have to reconstruct my knee but my nerve is too is to active and they wont do the surgrey til the nerve gets controled Ive done nerve blocks on my spine and injections on the end of my limb but nothing is working they are having trouble fitting me with a prosthetic. ITS FRUSTRATING

I just lost my left leg . Im a bk amputee and have a very bad knee now that is crooked . I hope I can get a prosthetic with my bad knee.

Lost mine to an XR650r that I was riding when I crashed in 2005, however I have had 1-2 surgeries a year and yes I still ride the BRP. Never let the amputation shadow your dreams, you have alot of support in this world so don't be afraid to ask and get the help you WILL need. I am a stubborn man at heart and from experience those who look upon you are just full of admiration for our loss, huh. So next time someone asks you how I am sure you can come up with a good twist to keep them listening.

I know how you feel and I hope that you can be positive. I know it's hard to do sometimes but just take it day to day and remember that life can be worse sometimes and maybe life will get better. That's how I cope.

Your an ispiration mate, your message has touched my heart all the way over here in Australia so keep smiling im really sure God leaves only the best of us here on earth hey. All the best........

I just lost my left leg on my Harley 12/04/08. One ton truck turned right into me. I remember everything. Now I can't get medical.