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My name is Samantha and I'm a 35 yr old DBK amputee. I lost both my legs due to meningitis when I was 18. Due to complications from the meningitis I had to have a tracheostomy (since removed) and have a hearing loss in my left ear and wear a hearing aid. To make a long story short I wear prosthetics and comfortable in my life as an amputee. Married a wonderful man 5 yrs ago who is also an amputee. We have a wonderful life together, we go biking, take trips and enjoy going on long drives.
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Fate has been cruel to you.Yet you smile. Attagirl!

I just had a question maybe you could help me with? I lost my leg at the start of November and for the first time this week am walking again on my own with no cane/crutches. I'm nineteen and was very active before my accident but now it's like any time I sit down my residual limb just throbs with pain, mainly in my muscles. I can walk pretty okay and it doesn't caus me much pain but once I sit down, it's like my quad and hip gets really stiff and uncomfortable and makes it hard to walk again for a bit and makes it uncomfortable to sit. Like I said I'm only a few months in to my injury but was wondering if you had gone through similar feelings and had any tips?