Lost My Leg Due To A Very Rare Cancer

Hello, my name is Valerie I lost my leg is September 2006. I had a bump on my ankle for 5 years and everytime I would ask a Dr about it he would not even look at it but wilth a glance and say oh that is just a ganglion Cyst and you should get it looked at sometime. One Dr. showed me his and told me to just get a shoe that does not irritate it and it will be ok. Well finally I had been at a retail show and I had limped around so badly that my mother demanded that I go in to see about both legs, one I needed a new knee on and the other about the bump. So I did, Yes I did need a new knee, but the bump was a concern, to make a long story somewhat short , they did 2 MRI's and sent me up to a specialist and 3 weeks later I had my leg cut off BK, I then went to rehab where they got it badly infected and I had to go back and have another inch cut off. I had a very rare Cancer that is usually found in men under the age of 25, kind and cats and dogs, not a 48 year old woman. It is called a Cystic Cell Synovial Sarcomus.

I am very lucky for I have good friend and family, and husband that stood by me thru all of this, and they still do, But they have no idea what we go thru. I can push myself to do almost anything, some things are harder than others. I lay down in my yard to weed my flower beds because of couse I can't kneel. I work part time as a sales Retail Rep. I love working with people. But I would like to find a friend that knows what I go thru day to day, someone that we could compare notes or just plain complain about what life has handed us. If there is anyone out there that would just love to have a friend to talk with I'd love it. hoping there is someone that feels the same as I do, Lonely for someone that really understands our type of life. I love my husband but I would love to have a friend, male or female just to compare lives and converse with. Thanks for listening. Valerie
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Hi Valerie, my name is Nannette. It i amazing how I lucked up and found someone who is looking for the very exact reason I search these types of sites. First of all, let me thank you for your story. It helped me tremendously, I too have a very supportive family and a wonderful husband. However, no one really knows how the amputee truely feels. Yes they can sympathize and so forth but to walk a mile in those shoes. It is unreal. I am a mom of 4 and I worked as a preschool teacher and I never thought I would be in this position. Thank God I am still here. I would love to correspond with you on a regular basis we could be a help to one another. We will make it through this hurdle. I still have one little place on my leg that don't want to heal but I claim it in Jesus name.

Take Care ,