Leg Amputated By Truck

On December fourth of 2008 I had just bought me a new used Harley two days before. I was anxious to ride that day so around 1:30 I went to my dad's house to see if he wanted to ride to go get some lunch. After he agreed we hopped on to our bikes, my dad said, " ride on the right today my ears can't handle your straight pipes today."  So we traveled north on a two lane road towards a small bar on the outside of town we have been to many times before. Five minutes into the run I get a bad feeling that something wasn't quite right. As we continued ahead of us we see a road worker utility truck traveling at a very slow speed. As we approached we began to slow down, after a couple of seconds my dad passed him on his left. Just as my dad passed the driver of the truck suddenly hit his brakes. I had no choice but to pass on the right to avoid hitting the truck, there was a crossroad there so a soon as half of my bike was in the clear he turned into me so sharp that my left foot and peg popped his front tire. Well needless to say that I went flying. After flipping all over the place I came to a stop face down in The dirt. My dad had heard the tire pop on the truck and came rushing to my side. Seem like it took forever for the paramedics to arrive, I could feel that my left leg was in pretty bad shape. All the paramedics would say was, "you'll be fine", and "find the rest of his foot".They proceeded to try to cut off my leather jacket and brand new Harley shirt I had just got from Vegas, I stop them and said, "oh no you don't I will take my jacket and my shirt off myself". I pushed my upper torso off the ground and held my self up with one arm while unzipping it with the other, they all thought I was nuts. When I got to the hospital I thought that the would put pins in my leg and reconstruct my foot, but when I woke from surgery I had a leg the look like it was from a Hollywood Frankenstein movie. They said that the entire leg was tore up so bad that they had to you pieces from different parts of the same leg to save what I had left. I have to be thank full that I still have my knee and my life. I can't stop thinking that if my dad had be riding on the left as he normally does what may have happened, I had a jacket and full face helmet, he didn't. Oh well that's what happened.

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Glad to hear things are going well for you! It is all about positive thinking. I just had another surgery on my my leg and it sucks and is hard, but it is nice to know from others that things can go great :)

I just wanted to let you all know that I have overcome most challenges. I have prospected and I am now a member of a motorcycle club in Northern California. I have found that the key is to try as hard as you can to keep your mind occupied. It's not easy but you have to find something that you want and do what you can to obtain that goal. I hope that my story has helped and has brought some faith to those who need it. Please don't hesitate in contacting me for anything. Hang in there.

My brother was hit by a SUV in March of this year. The man wasn't paying attention & t-boned my brother, who was on a motorcycle. His left leg was severed on impact. He spent over a month in the hospital & has had 7 surgeries. On top of trying to recover physically, he found out that the guy didn't have any insurance, so he will get nothing financially. The reason i'm writing this is that he has fallen into a very deep depression. He won't wear his prostetic, he sleeps 20 hrs a day, & he just keeps slipping further into this funk. My mother & i are desperate to find something to help him, because he has talked about wanting to hurt himself. Do you have any kind of suggestions?? He doesn't have a girlfriend or a job to keep him distracted, & his friends have all but abandoned him because he can't keep up. I'm terrified that I'm gonna lose my big brother & I just thought maybe someone here would know some ways to help. Please let me know! <br />
Thanks so much for your time!

Way to go brother,I am a left leg AK and just received my C leg last week. The toughest part of this whole experience is the thought of never riding again. I'm going to try and ride again once I learn to walk again.

I have had numerous surgaries on my shattered right leg I broke it when my van door came open and I tried to shut it. i have been in a wheelchair for almost 2 yrs now and am ready for the above knee amputation.<br />
At least thats what I keep telling myself. I have an external fixature on now. if I could make a dollar on everytime I get asked to tell my story Id be rich!!<br />
I dont think Ill mind it just to be able to stand again and walk... i have dreams of running again. I dont know how long that may be, I am trying to get as much info as I can get

I'm very glad to read that you are riding again. I also own a Harley Davidson and lost my left leg above the knee. I've been trying to make up my mind wether to sale my bike or hold on to it to see if I could ride again after I get a leg. Well you've made up my mind I'm going to keep it. I've all ways been hard headed and stubern and now I know I'll ride again. Thanks for the good news.

Good Deal. Glad to hear it.

I just wanted to say that it has been six months and I am riding again! Thank you all for your support. I have beat the odds and have been riding for over two weeks and 300 miles.

I salute you sir.<br />
There is no way I can know what that is like. I can only envision it through your words which you did quite well. I feel like I was there with you.<br />
I cannot imagine what is going through your head. I know you have had time now to think it over very clearly, but still . . .<br />
<br />
I am glad you made it and even happier that you did not also have to deal with what could have happened to your dad.<br />
<br />
My Father in law is a Rider. We have our stories too. <br />
Hang in there sir, and keep the faith.

I am so sorry you had to go through this, I think it's great you have a very positive attitude and hopefully you will be recuperating soon and go on with your normal activities. Thanks for sharing your story :)