Soon to Be a Right Leg Amputee


My name ia Pierre and I'm French Canadian.

I will be a right leg amputee soon. I was involved in a real bad car as a passenger accident in January 2002  I had 17 broken bones and two of them were open wounds.  For now the pain is still there,  Thet had to put a metal plate and lots of other things to keep my leg stable.  I still have lots of pain in it so for now I have to use a wheelchairs.  Two weeks agon I has a long talk with an orthopetist about an aputation and he told me that he will do it.

I know that better days will come

So, that it and this my first post on my Blog



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2 Responses Apr 22, 2009

I am looking for anyone who has had a full leg amputation. I am out of options for my leg and would lose all 3 joints. Any ideas, thoughts, help?

Wow, Pierre, I am so sorry to hear that. You seem to have a very positive attitude about it, at least from what you have written you do. I hope that is the case, because I know it will help you to heal both outside and inside. <br />
<br />
My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you do well.