In memory of midnight she was a stray cat that showed up 6 years ago and just wouldnt leave was halloween the 1st night we brought her into house and she never lift .She was full of herself and became my buddy she would walk with me when i would walk the dog was a sight dog on lease and her walking beside me . and loved to talk and hang out with me in the gardem or swing on porch would lay on lap and fall a sleep purred so load . have watched birds and squarills be within 1 foot of her and her never move just layed there and watched then.
Her life ended by a pitt bull she was getting up in years and moving a little slow she was laying under a tree probly a sleep when a dog that sould not exist attacked her and crushed her skull she deversed to grow old she was my budddy
Midmight will have her revenge through me I an waiting on that dog and I have a 22 loaded by the door and I an a country man and dont miss . his death will more painless then hers but he will never kill again I PROMISE YOU THAT MIDNIGHT
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I had a cat killed by pit bulls. He was a beautiful Siamese. A pack of them surrounded him in his own back yard and tore him up. I hate Rottweilers and Pit Bulls. They have been known to kill humans. They need to be made illegal.

Me and you Beth we will get them taken care of I have a 22 rifle at the door I'm just waiting on him and get this I am a member of the town council a very small town of 2000 people they told me I will get a misdemeanor for doing it I told them it wouldn't be my first and probably won't be my last my damn dog was one die that's all there is to it right or wrong I am all the nicest guys in the world untell you hurt something I love them I am your worst nightmare

Oh how dreadful. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I can't tell you how much it angers me that people don't leash their dogs, especially a vicious one like this. :(