She Was Forced To Move!!

Wow this is kinda hard to write about,but here it goes its real!!
This lady and i worked together @Sealed Power Corp.,she had i real JERK for a boss to say the least.Her and I became friends at work,and we would go for lunch together and talk.She told me some of the things he would do to her, i think that he was trying to get into her pants,and for sure she wasn't interested.So he commenced to make her miserable.We talked and talked,she even went to hr dept,with no sucess.Bottom line she thru in the towel and decided to quit.I was very sad,and then the worst came she wanted to move,and i had to stay.Well i helped to load her truck,which i didn't want to do,and when we were done and ready to go,she looked at me,and we both were crying,and she said won't you come with me!! I will never forget that momment in my life,i can't tell you how long i cryed,while she was disappearing down the street.If anyone knows of  LeeAnn Booth,places of interest are,LaGrange,Ind.,Muskegon,Mi.and the latest i know of Tempe,Az.,please send me a message
Thanks For reading.
slo69 slo69
56-60, M
Apr 29, 2011