I'm Left Without You

 “I wanna Love you so/ I wanna be the one to kiss you at night… Come on take my hand/ I won’t let you go/ I’ll be your friend/ I will love you so… Turn your rain into sun… Say you’ll never let me go.”

Say i'll always be your sunshine, your breeze, your whisper, your flower, your peace....................Fill me with love and care, Never neglect what is rightfully ours.... I am your soul, your soul is mine..Our hearts will never deny that it started at 15...........I want to live my life for you, I want to appreciate you and all you do,i want to love & care for you, i want to touch you,  i want to hear you laugh, i want to hear your facts on everything (PBS) even if it's not anything i care to hear,  i want to watch you paint Just watch and admire your given talent, I love you so much, i want to pitter patter through out our home, I want to hear you play your guitar and play your drums, i want to sing in your ear,  i want to learn to play the tambourine. Just for you...........only for you.
............ So many years gone by and so many experiences left untouched left to to die. Don't leave my heart, please don't leave my soul. I still love you, i will always love you i will always want US to be even if you are no longer within my reach............My heart & soul can never leave you..... Never.

I'll always be your storm....... 
storm77 storm77
31-35, F
1 Response May 26, 2011

You expressed what I feel. I share the same pain of love that was meant to be now lost and out of reach.