Love Forever

hi friends , may be some of you will hate me after reading of my life  because i am a boy . i was a jovial person who didn't care of any tensions .who did every thing for me but one day on net i met a person, initially i had no interest in him but as soon as we talked too much i felt that i coudn't  last my day even without talk to him and that was the same case from him also . we always talked about our life , some romentic talks , we took care of each other and in everytime he asked me about my meeting plan at that time suddenly i became sick and admitted in hospital , but in teh hospital also we talked so much daily . he always told me that he even can't stop thinking about me and one day he said that he love me .that was my birthday and that was the great gift for me on that occasion . so after this illness i decided to meet him . he is living very far from my place but i went to meet him .i stayed on his home and on the first night we talked almost overnight and when we were going for sleep he came to me and catch me in his arms . and we felt intence feeling of being together but when i left that place after 2 day . his behaviour changed . i felt that but i didn't tell him after some time i asked him about this so he told me that whatever was happened that was illusion . i became completely abolished at that time he knew that how much pain i was feeling but he never called me even for one time to ask me about my condition . he was feeling guilty about that but i still have no feeling of guilty because i love him and in the love touch is the best way of expressing the emotion and at that night we both were engagged in this touch .after than he stoped to respnd me even didn't pick my phone . on online he said that i am a big problem for him and due to that i got a physchic attack . he knew about this attack but he never talked to me . still we talk online  and on each talk once he say that i am a problem . i can never undersatnd how one can changed so rapidly . i am bad because i love him because nobody is there to whome i can say something obout me , because i want little love and care . if its true so really i am a culprit . i never blame him because i was too involved in that night but every time when he talk very rudely it hurts too much . i dont know what to do , how can i make him feel that i also hurt

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Love hurts. There's nothing I or anyone can say to ease the pain. The worst thing to say would be that everybody goes through the same, because it's like saying your feeling is not important, but it is. A human being has to have the right to grieve, to hurt, to cry. So take your time, give space to your feelings and love yourself.