Thanksgiving 2005

My mom has been an alcoholic since she was 20 years old.  On Thanksgiving 2005, she died of hepatorenal failure. In other words, her liver and kidneys failed from years of alcohol abuse and alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.  She was 44 years old.

In a world where there are warning labels on everything telling you that it will kill you, why are there not better warning labels on alcohol? Why doesn't it say that it is addicting? That it ruins families? That it causes massive liver damage? That driving while intoxicated will kill people? All it says is to not drink if you are pregnant. That's it. 

Tobacco companies are sued everyday and yet liquor ads are everywhere and are acceptable.  I just don't understand it.


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I am jast the same as you only i have twin boys who are 7 now xx

I've commented once before on this story but since, was thinking a lot about it. Having lived with alcoholics can be a pretty frightening experience that often leaves deep scars. I tried to understand why some people behave this way: They are perfectly normal and responsible humans without booze. But get a few shots of alcohol in them and they turn into perfect monsters who slowly and steadily defile and destroy everything that should be dear to them.<br />
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It's truly unfortunate that in many communities, people look down upon alcoholics, without realizing they are dealing with a sick person. For example, a diabetic who over-indulges in eating sweets or cake or pastries and falls sick will usually draw sympathies and 'get well soon wishes. They will never be called 'cakeaholics' or 'cake addicts'. But alcoholics who over indulge and fall sick will be ostracized by the society and their own family. We have to understand there is no difference whatsoever between a diabetic who falls sick after too much sweets or an alcoholic who gets sick with too much booze. Both suffer equally but the mental agony for an alcoholic is much higher. They need to fear loss of employment, loss of family, being committed to a hospital, social stigma..the list is endless. We haven't heard of people being sacked for eating too much cake...have we???<br />
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In my pursuit to learn about alcoholism, I found some startling facts. Alcoholism is more of a disease than an addiction. The bodies of some persons- men and women- metabolize alcohol differently and causes adverse reactions in them. As a result, these people are unable to control their drinking. Usually, such a person will drink heavily and that generates toxins and hormones in the brain which give the so-called Dutch Courage. In plain terms, it means, that alcohol helps them to do stuff they would otherwise be unable to do. Alcohol fortifies them and makes them stronger, assertive and brings out the 'other' hidden character in these people. It's like the magic potion in Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. <br />
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Once the alcohol effect wears off, these people return to their usual personalities, which are in most cases, timid. They suffer from irrational fears and often, shaking and ******* as the withdrawl symptoms commence. This is the worst period for an alcoholic since it can also lead to a fatal or serious medical condition called Delirium Tremens, which can be potentially life threatening.To escape these DTs and the fears, alcoholics drink again. The cycle continues unabated till their liver, kidneys, eyesight and brain cells are destroyed slowly leading to imminent death.<br />
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But as I said, alcoholism is a sickness that can be treated by those near the sufferer. This is however possible only if the alcoholic is willing to help themself. Alcoholism is also genetic in some cases.<br />
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I can only imagine the anger and sense of loss you feel. But having said that, please try and understand that your mom was sick, a victim of alcoholism like millions other around the world. She could possibly not have helped herself out of the situation by herself.