I Lost My Mummy :(

Well it all started in July wen my mum was diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer in her leg right buttock & large matastes to lungs and bone .. the plan was that she will have it surgicaly removed from her leg and after the opperation she will be goin on chemo .. week after the operation my mum had a STROKE .. because she had her leg infected ( necrotic infection ).. soo her left arm was really weak and her sight was damaged too bcz of the stroke ... she stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks and the day when she got sent home doctors told us that she is not fit enough to have any chemo bcz she has big wound in her leg and chemo could harm her  .. basicly they kind of said that shes gona die really soon ...then after 3 days she got sent home she was really breathless so we took her to the hospital and waited in the emergency for 5hrs to put her to ward but wen she got taken to the ward she got epilectic shock .. and she had fluid on her lungs which was drained out and they kept the drain in her lungs because the fluid kept comming back.. well then after my mum was gettin better day by day and it was allright for 3weeks .. but then she was breathless again and we thought its her drain.. that the drain got blocked .. soo we called the G.P to flush it ... and he couldent soo she was taken to the hospital and they said it wasnt block.. the reason was that her cancer got spreaded and they cant drain it no more ... so after they told her that .. she died after 10days ... on the 7/11/10   3pm  :(  Im only 16 ... and my mum was my best friend im speechless and i miss her

Mariiaaa Mariiaaa
1 Response Nov 7, 2010

My heart goes out to you, I lost my mom when I was young too. It feels like the pain never goes away. But she's looking down on you, and it will get easier day by day. Here if you want to talk.