She Died When I Was Two

I dont remember my mother because she died when I was two and a half, but we have loads of photos and a couple of videos with her on. Her voice is on the videos and I sort of remember something about her when I hear it. I was adopted by my grand parents after she died though I still see my dad and his other family sometimes. My grandma has always made me call her grandma so I would not forget I had another mother. I dont know if its better or worse if your mum dies before you can remember her but my grand parents have been very good to me. I just wonder sometimes what it would have been like if she had lived longer. I was 18 in the summer and my grandma gave me a birthday card my mum had written before she died to give me when I was 18. That was the first time in ages I was really upset that she was not there.
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It seems that youhave lots of good memories from your mom. Even if you obviously have had a good time with your grand parents you will probably always miss her and think about her at the back of your mind. I can imagine getting that card from her was very special for you.

Just remember that you were and are loved. This is a world unfortunately where many were and are not.
Continue to be a fine young man: it is the best way to show love to those whom have reached out to you. You already show tremendous maturity and good breeding. Friend me if you like.

Please don't be said, when you have a baby you know you must not die. Your mum feel more sad than you do. Leaving you behind is torturing her. Please live a good life for her and wish that won't happen to your kids.

Hi babe its rly sad but just hold on cause the lord knows e bet for us