Gone To Soon

Being the first nephew, made you special from the start.
You’ve always been kind,
and God blessed you with a loving heart.

I remember the day you were born.
We were so happy we wanted to tell everyone.
That our big sister, had a new son.

I’m sorry for some of the things I did and said.
The time I teased you by telling you Lassie died,
and that RinTinTin took his place, and you cried.

I have memories of you wrestling and playing football.
You were always big and strong, 
It took several players to make you fall.

The 4th of July, was one of your favorite holidays to celebrate.
You loved shooting fireworks so much for the family.
For you shooting fireworks made such a special date

I was happy to be there for your college graduation day.
To encourage you to follow your dreams,
and to make your own way.

As you grew older, we all prayed for a special soul mate for you
God answered our prayers, and sent someone special,
A soul mate to love and cherish you too.

Then,God blessed you with a wonderful family of three;
To be a husband and father,
How more perfect could your life be?

How proud I am for the man you’ve become.
For your work as a missionary,
and the good I know you have done.

God blessed our family with you: a loving nephew, cousin, brother, grandson, husband, father, and son.
I want you to know that  I will always love you, and cherish my memories of our time together;
even when God Calls you home and  decides your work here on Earth is done.

My Nephew died of brain cancer soon after I wrote this poem for him. I still miss him!
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Thank you. His son graduates from high school this year, and I think how proud he must be.

What a touching story. May God bless you and your family.