Life Is Unfair

I Never knew my mom she died of leukimea when i was 4 months old .It so hard not having someone to talk to tell secrets to .Everyone says it would have been harder if i knew her
? Well at least those people have memories i have nothing .I only have a part of me missing this black hole .I think about her everyday i would glady trade places .Life is so unfair .
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1 Response Jun 18, 2011

I never got to have the whole parent-child relationship, either. I switched between my parents until I was 8. Then I jumped around even more between family and foster care. My parents have been around all that time, but they were more like my friends, not parental figures. My mom died recently, so now there's less parental feeling than ever. Not trying to say I totally feel your pain, just somewhat. I'd feel worse if I was in your shoes, I think. I just keep on laughing and smiling. Gotta stay funny. I can't let anything stop me from having fun, and you shouldn't either. I'm not sure if any of what I said helps, but I did like your story :)