i lost my mom to brain cancer 5 months ago

2 years ago on october 14th my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor they told her it wasn't cancerous we were happy about that part but then they said they couldnt operate and gave my mom 6 months to live, but my father whom is separated from my mother wouldnt let 6 months be his final answer, so we got a second opinion. turns out it was cancerous and operable. they removed 70 percent and she was doing great after that, but then after a visit to her sister for 2 months she did a complete 180, she couldnt walk she had trouble talking it killed me, we took her home the day of her birthday aug 22 the next day she ended up in the hospital due to dehydration. they released her soon into a nursing home, not soon after they dropped her. due to the medicine she was on her skin was fragile and easily bruised and bled. she couldnt speak bc of the area the tumor was in it affected her speech and movement. when they dropped her, she face was bright red and she was breathing heavy, completely out of the ordinary so immediately my dad called an ambulance and took her to the hospital. i was in school so i couldnt be there until 2:35. she began to be short of breath so they had to put her to sleep, no knowing what was going to happen the last thing i said to her was i love you and i swear to you with ever breath she could she told me she loved me back. i spent 2 weeks out of school sleeping in the ICU not wanting to leave her side, the doctors told us she wasnt going to make it over a phone call at 1 in the morning just 20 min after we left the hospital, we said out goodbyes but told them to do everything they could to keep her fighting and they did, the nurses told us it was a slim chance but the next morning she made it, the ICU called her a miracle and she was, she always did make things happen out of the blue and surprised everyone so illness or not, she didnt stop. after that we all fought for her to get better but unfortunately she got worse and worse she passed away may 30th with my father holding her in his arms. he was with her every single step of the way. my father made miracles happen and so did my mother. she fought a battle for two years and to this day i dont think she lost the battle, i say she gracefully bowed out to be happier some place where doctors didnt control her movements and wires didnt surround her body. my mom is my bestfriend and just because shes gone doesnt mean she cant hear me when i talk to her, although at times like these i wish i could talk to her face to face and hear her voice. 
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I lost my mom to brain cancer 8 months ago, and with all the online searches looking for some shred of comfort that I know I can't get from her anymore I just found it in the last sentence of your post. Thank you, and I won't forget your truth!

Thank You for sharing your story. I lost my mother to small cell carcinoma. It traveled from her lungs to her brain with in months of her diagnoses. I lost her on June 27th,2012 at the age of 51. She fought the nasty battle long and hard for 15 months. Reading your story and others similar to it are really helping me cope. Once again thank you so much.