That morning I woke up, noticing something odd within the air. It was 7 in the morning and my mother was on the couch sleeping peacefully. I gazed at her, telling myself "No, it's going to be ok." and went back to sleep. 5 minutes later, I heard a struggle and my family members panicing, my mother was moaning from pain. My father brought the oxygen tank over, but it didn't help a bit. We called 911 and I heard my father say " Hello? Can you get an ambulance quick? I think my wife is dieing." That's when it hit me. She was not going to overcome this. He continued to watch over my mom as my sister and I were moved to the bedroom.
Later, I saw the red and blue lights of the EMSA car flash dramatically. Nurses rushed in and carried my mom on a stretcher. Before leaving to the hospital, they asked my dad "Are you sure you'd like us to take her to this hospital? Because if we do, she could risk of not being able to go there again." I thought "We don't care about that right now! All we care about is saving her life!!!"
Finally, they left for the hospital and I was left to sit on the couch, praying for my mom's life to be spared. Later in the day, she came back to the house and we were told that she was going to die soon. Hearing this, my uncle called my aunt #4 whom hasn't see my mother in 10-20 years.
Several mintues later she came in, and thought that I was my mother. She walked in exclaiming "Goodness! She's so young!" My uncle sollemly shook and his head and replied "No, sister #9 is right here." and showed her to my weak mother on the couch. She stood there, dumbstruck and just completely shocked.
The hospital had a nurse come and explain to my family how the process of my mother's death would go. They explained that we'd have to check her pulses regularly and notify them when it would only come to certain pulses a minute. So, there we sat for 2 days, watching out for my mother. I noticed she was turning yellow. I asked my aunty #7 how my mother's death would play out and she told me "Your mother will scream in agony." I have come to realize that she was lying to me.
That afternoon, my aunty #4 ordered pizza to eat, and a nurse was taking my mother's vital signs and pulses. My aunty #3 insisted that I go eat pizza. I told her I wanted to spend the last minutes with my mother. She rushed me out the door and that moment, I heard her say "She's dead!" Everyone rushed inside. My heart was pounding against my chest. I rushed in to see my mother laying on the couch, lifeless. Everyone busted into tears and I was just huddled up against a corner, crying.
Rukii Rukii
13-15, F
Mar 24, 2012