She Is Fading Away.

Hey everybody, I am Annisa from Indonesia and I am 16. At this time of age, i have went through a terrible life since four years ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It was a rare type, called Rhabdomio Sarcoma. She had her tumor on top of her cheek bone and when it was taken out, the doctor told us that it was quite malignant. I was still sitting in the 8th grade back then and I felt like my life has been destroyed. But the good thing was that, the doctor said she still have a slight chance to survive, even when it was only approximately 50%. Rhabdomio Sarcoma led me to inquiry so that I did a little research. I found out that for old people, chances to survive is even less than 50% but for kids they still have chance to survive. My mom, when she was diagnosed, she was already in the last stage, stage four. My mom will be 46 years old in 15th may 2012. She has dealt with the painful chemo for 3 cycles, multiply by 6 times (once a month). Math said that she have been absorbing the chemo drugs for 18 times. The first time, she survived for four months, then it relapsed. The second, she survived for less than two months and then it relapsed again. Then last, the third time, she survived for less than a month and now she is complaining about her body not feeling well again. Then about two days ago, she went to the doctors again and then did a CT scan. The CT scan told us that the tumor had grown inside her skull and attacking her brain. The doctors said that there was no more chance to help her, unless she does the radiation therapy which will cost lots more and even more pain to her. My dad and I have decided to let her go but it was very hard. I know most of u guys have lost people you love to cancer but it was hard for me because I am not that close to my dad and now I have to face my mom, my everything, fade away. Everyday she complains about the headache she have and also the tooth ache. She have been going to the doctors back and forth, doing all of the possible things that might help her to survive but I don't think that there is no such thing as miracle. Or this is just me seeing things in grey as my life too turns grey? I might need a little help in letting go of my mom and I hope this society can help me. So please, any tip towards this, please do inbox me for more information contact so u guys can help. Thanks a bunch. God bless.
Atiara Atiara
18-21, F
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@Tiff75 thanks a lot :) God bless you too! but she then passed away just when July has started, at the 2nd day of the month, approximately 7.38pm she went away with Jesus to His kingdom. Please do pray for her safety in the coming life :) i do hope she is living in peace now and in health, forever joy full. God bless you too :) and please be strong too, sorry for your loss.

Hi, I'm sorry for your pain. Please pray everyday for a healing. Spend every moment you can loving her hugging her and talking to her stay positive so she will fight. I lost my mom but I still carry the faith that God can heal. He will give us strength. I heard about this project called the pinktutuproject , it helps women pay for treatment of cancer. The website is thetutuproject.comi will pray for you and your family don't give up! God bless you in Jesus name