My Mom Died Of Breast Cancer Today.

Everyone says this but today the world truly did loose one of the most amazing women it has ever been graced with.

My mom was 49 years old and died 4 months before my wedding. She will never meet her grandchildren, walk me down the isle, laugh, love, cry, or hold me ever again. My mom only had breast cancer for a year and 6 months before it ravaged her body and rendered the women whom I most look up to completely defeated.Â

What I hate more is how strong she was and how she never once stopped smiling. How she had to be so brave and strong for something that never should have happened in the first place. I don't believe that it's better this way because she's not suffering. What would be better for her would be to be healthy and with her loving family.

I do not associate my mother with cancer, it was the most miniscule part of her life. My mother was a beautiful intelligent and strong woman who was so much more than a pink ribbon. My mother was not the creature in pain who could not walk or speak that cancer turned her into the last weeks of her life.

Mom, I love you more than words could ever express. I am angry and confused at how things have ended here for you. I look for you in every ray of sunshine and every song I hear. Please watch over me and let me feel your warmth again.
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In the horror of it all, sometimes it's reassuring to know there's someone out there who is experiencing something similar to you. <br />
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My Mum died 8 weeks ago from breast cancer. She was also 49 years old. My Mum was diagnosed terminal in June 2010. She was stubborn and never accepted her death. I cared for her in the two years before her death, and it was the hardest thing I've ever experienced. <br />
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Cancer is brutal. My Mum was also strong, independent and intelligent. Her cancer spread from her breast, to her lungs, brain, liver, spine, hip and leg bones. The brain cancer affected her quite badly. It was hard to see my beautiful, strong-willed Mum so incapable. <br />
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I would care for her for the rest of my life if it meant she could've lived longer. I miss her so much. Everyday is painful, and although the pain might fade with time, it will never disappear. <br />
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You're in my thoughts. I know how hard it is to watch your Mum die of cancer. Nothing makes me feel better about it. It's horrible. <br />
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The only thing I've found slightly comforting is that I'm grateful that I got to spend as much time with my Mum as I could. She also had cancer when I was 5, which she recovered from but I often wonder how different my life would've been if my Mum had died when I was so young.