My Mom Was Buried Today.

I am living far away from my parents. Two days ago early in the morning I got a call from my dad on my cellphone. Even before I picked up, I knew something was wrong. They never call me that early. He said my mom had passed away. At that moment my whole world has crushed. I couldn't make it to the funeral and all my family and friends are at home. The only person I can talk to here is my husband. However we don't have very good relationships and even little everyday things I do are enough to irritate him. Normally I'd try to brush it off, but now it hurts so much to think that he has so little compassion for me. When I call home and talk to my dad, I can hear he is devastated and it breaks my heart to think that he has to be alone in our home where everything reminds him of mom. I can only come home in a month, but I don't know how to live during this month. I feel so utterly alone...
Lostinsilence Lostinsilence
1 Response May 20, 2012

I have had a similar experience. I just lost my mom in the past week. I am trying to be the strong one for my dad, who is also devastated. I am not married, but my girlfriend also broke up with me when I returned from the funeral - so feelings of loneliness are definitely strong. We thrive on human connections, and losing those connections can be extremely hard. I don't have the answers, but my strategy for the moment is reconnect - by reaching out to others.