I Lost My Mum to Cancer

when i was 31 my mum died of bone cancer. I cared for her for 2 years which was the hardest thing i ever had to do, with no support from my dad and sister i watched as the bestest thing in my life suffered with so much pain. Now nearly 2 years later i'm getting over it and life is not so hard but i miss her greatly.

Rendell Rendell
31-35, F
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I lost my mom too just breath and take it day by day,I do.

I do not want to sound patronizing, I just want to say, I do have empathy for you.

I lost my Mom to lung cancer on her 66th Birthday, Dec. 5, 2009, and it is still very painful. She was my best friend. Yesterday I forgot for a second and almost tried calling her.

I'm sorry your family had to go through that. I know how painful it can be especially to watch your mother slip away..I think that's the worse part..I wish I could give some advice to ease the pain..but i myself am dealing with the same pain that wouldnt go away.

I fell like you.I so my mom died in my arms. Is so hard


hi<br />
i lost my mum also to cancer having cared for her for a long long while.<br />
Its six years on now and so many positive things have happened.I have tw0 little boys that i know she would have loved.I see her shining through them.So,in that sense she is still alive.<br />
I am happy that you are moving on and i know how hard it is.I have good days and bad days,as i expect you do.I will always miss mum.<br />
But as she shines in me,she is always near me.<br />
Your mum will never be far from you too.<br />
Take care and be strong.x

I know how it feels 2 lose someone that you cared for. I lost my mum 2 malenoma when i was 11 its a hasrd thing to go through especially if you have noone 2 dupport you and be there for you