My Mum Died When I Was 11

My Mum was rushed to hospital for the first time on my 11th birthday (which is in January) and I was devasted. It took weeks for them to find out what was wrong. She had Cancer. Lung Cancer. I didn't know what to do, so I just cried, for ages. She had come home by that time but she was rushed to hospital one month later. I didn't bother saying goodbye. I didn't think I needed to. I got a call the next day and was driven to the hospital where my family was. I was 10 minutes too late. She had already died. Then I started living with my Dad who now has a new girlfriend. I'm 13 now and that day changed my life forever. I'm not coping very well and I feel depressed:(
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oh sweetheart, i'm sorry. i'm 16 and lost my mother a year ago. i completely understand the overwhelming feelings and depression that comes with it. never hesitate to message me. you'll be okay, i promise.

I am sorry. There's no magic way to cope. Just, please, confide in these close to you, don't stay on your own, it just makes it worse. Let yourself cry, whenever you need to, whatever others can say, stupid stuff like "you must be strong". You only know. And people who care for you, they will never be disappointed. You've made it until now, whatever how, you have. And you will, further, and further. Daily, weekly, then monthly, you will never forget, but it will change.