Losing My Mum To Cancer

Been about 8 months since my mom died to cancer, probarly worst day of my life seeing her lay on her bed passed away. First time i saw my dad cry on that day. The first few days i remember the house being so quite and noone saying anything. But that time has past i have become a stronger person because of what happend. I appreciate things more and see everyday with laughter. Still have days, sitting in my room about 3 am in the morning crying , with some sad songs. Just think why it was my mom you know. I guess you cant change the past, things happen for a reason right? Made me a very strong person after her death. I'm fearless, because i dont think there is bigger pain anywhere i can recieve then losing my mum. For all of you who lost their mom to cancer, i'm sorry for your loss. Noone think that youre life is over when you have lost someone to cancer (mom) take it as a boost to do the best you can in life, like me i used my mom's death as a boost to achieve all i wanted and still want to achieve.
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

my mom passed away a year ago on december 13th. if you EVER need someone to talk to, please talk to me. please. i understand everything you are feeling. i've been through the really tough year. i want to cry for both of us because it kills me to see someone else go through this. stay strong lovely.

I lost my mom to cancer about 8 months ago, too.
You have a very mature and positive outlook on it, saying that it's made you stronger and appreciate things more.
It's the hardest thing I've ever faced but the pain isn't as strong as it once was.