Loved One Lost, Not Forgotten.

My mom was strong, kind, fun, and loving 47 year old woman, who had just been diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2003. She went for her treatments, (Chemo and Radiation) and was doing as well as could be expected. She never once wanted to give up, or let the cancer take over her life. She lived every day as she always had, happy and having fun. My daughter who was 4 at the time, was spending as much time with Grandma as she could, before there was no time left to spend with her. The visits to Grandma's house had to stop though, because my mom was getting very ill and losing her memory, due to the cancer spreading to her throat and brain! My mom was then taken to the hospital to live there until the brain cancer took her over completely. It was very strange and heart breaking to see my mother who could once do it all, not be able to do anything for herself, such as dress herself, feed herself, go to the bathroom, talk on the phone, talk at all, or remember who she was, never mind remembering who her daughter and grand daughter were! It was hard to accept that soon the cancer would take her over completely and she'd no longer be with us.

That dreded day came on April 10 2004. My mom had a morophene injection for her pain, fell asleep and never awoke.

mugziev mugziev
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Jul 26, 2007