Moms Battle

my mother has been battleing non hodgisions since july of 2008 . she finished the first round of chemo. I thought every thing was getting better. Then she get pnemonia and almost dies. After 33 days in the hosp. She goes to her oncology docotor and he loods at a few scans and tells her she has 6months to live. How do i accept this? she is only 47 years old and only has one daughter me and no grandchildren. She hasnt lived yet. I has just go throught losing my aunt to lung cancer a year prior and my uncle to suiside. How much more can i take and if thats not bad enough my purse got stolen when my mom was in the hosp. my engine blew and if that wasnt bad enough my college portfolio was in my will i am trying to fix all that i get the bomb the chemo didnt do a darn thing and i am going to lose my mommy.she is the rock that has made me strong and independent and detertmined. What am isupposed to do without her. I all ways thought she would be here with me. We are going to try to find something to help her but there is very little hope they say chemo by 10xs stronger which  might kill her anyways. Only the lord can help us now

jamiedawn012162 jamiedawn012162
Feb 13, 2009