I Lost My Mum a Week Ago

Last Tuesday 10th feb 2009 at 12.35am i lost my mum to bowel and liver cancer she was a strong woman who always put her family first.

My mum found out she had cancer in november 2007 after she thought something was wrong, the doctors could not find a thing wrong with her but she pushed and pushed and they found a 2cm growth in her bowel and secondarys in her live and was given 6-18mths after bouts of chemo that help her by time in the end didnt help at all as it was making her sicker, my mum was a small woman who with in months weighed only 36kgs (same as a 12yr old girl) my mum didnt want to give up she never spoke of dying or said the word CANCER the whole time when we found out it had spread thats all she said it has spread to her spine. my mum went into palative care to help manage her pain but never came home the cancer had gotten her she faught for 9 days with out food and water she was so drugged up she was not even awake she didnt want to leave us so but after my sisters ultrasound of her first baby she sliped away when she was told the baby was fine, my dad holding her hand.

This was one of the worst days of my life and i dont know where to go from here im 30 years old and even though im older i dont know how to live with out her she was the one person we all counted on.

Cancer is the worst thing anyone could ever have what i have seen this past year i would not wish on anyone we really need to find a cure for this...this is still new and raw for me i have so many mixed feelings about this and felt it may help to write them down


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My mum died in August last year. She was a young mum, and left behind 3 kids who loved her more than anything else in the world. I am 28 now, and i cannot even watch a film with someone dying without starting to cry. I miss her so much and i wish she was here. It was horrible watching her suffer. She went through chemotherapy 3 times, radiotherapy, numerous operations and nothing worked, the cancer just kept on coming back. She knew she was going to die, she had built a house in greece and kept on saying she'll never get a chance to live there, i said of course she would but she was right. I watched her die, and it was horrible. And i miss her. And there is no one in the world that could ever replace her. She was my rock (know it sounds corny!) but if i ever had a problem i'd speak to her and she'd support me no matter what my decision was. I really feel for you.

I'm so sorry - Your story is like dejavue. My mom is going to pass anytime and she suffering from colon cancer that spread to the liver,spine, and lungs. My dad crys daily and I cry too. My mom tells my sister that we are big babies. She is so strong it is killing me to see her in this much pain. The sad thing is that we just laid to rest a couple of months ago her mom and I was with her everyday holding her hand and now it is my mom. It just is not fair. She is to turn 60 on 3/28 but we know she won't make it to that day. I am a walking talking zombie, I am so tired but I can't sleep. I just cry.

I am so sorry for your loss. Cancer is a horrible thing, and it's always so hard to watch people suffer and die that way. My thoughts and prayers are with you.<br />
My mom had surgery to remove her cancerous breast on February 10. The surgery went well and she is now recovering at home. <br />
I am sorry to hear your mom died and that they weren't able to cure her cancer. I have had a few relatives die of cancer, so I know what it's like.