Losing My Mom

I am in the midst of losing my best friend. Like many of you, I have dealt with my mom's cancer for a year and a half now. After the first surgery and chemo, you feel so strong, that she beat it. Only 6 months after her last chemo it came back again. To complicate things, she also now has para-neoplastic syndrome as well.  If you want to know more about this rare syndrome there is a lot on the Internet about it. The cancer causes it.  Within 2 weeks my mom could not walk, see, talk, stand - anything.  All the treatments they have tried have not improved anything for her. We now know her cancer is terminal, and we are heading down that very scary road that many of you have traveled. I have 3 very small children that were so very close to their Nana. It breaks my heart to see them so sad.  Any advice on how to survive would be appreciated.

leanneulrich leanneulrich
1 Response Mar 10, 2009

I wish I could tell you how to survive this journey. It is a very hard path to have to take. I miss my mother, my best friend too and it has already been four and a half months. I would suggest that you cultivate one or two very close friends and allow yourself to rely on them. Let them know that you will need them. It may feel like no one understands. No one will -- not exactly. No one can replace these special women, these beautiful mothers. They are each unique and wonderful people, but I didn't set up a good support system and now feel more alone than I have ever felt. No one to share the good or the difficult moments. Stay courageous. Some of us do know what you are going through. Although I am still very much searching for a way to heal my heart and enjoy life again, I am quite sure there is enough love in the world to support one another. Take care and kiss your mother and tell her how wonderful she is every single day until the end.