The Tears Wont Stop...

So I was lookin for a picture to upload when I went past the ones of my mom... when she was sick, small and frail... only 70 pounds... Just another reminder that she is gone... So now the tears start... I miss her sooo... she was so proud of her baby girl... always tellin everyone this is my baby... I miss my mom

updated: 4/12/09

I just realized writing the date that tomorrow will be one month... Its so hard for me because I didn't know know my mom... she was never in my life... she wasn't a "good mom" she did drugs... most of my memories are bad... I dont even have the peace of know if she went to heaven because of her life... No matter how "bad" my mom may have been she was MINES... even tho i didn't see her everyday... goin months sometimes without seein her... I knew she was alive... Now shes gone... never to come back... No more hugs or kisses... no time together... just dumb memories I dont care bout... I just want her... I know all this will pass in time... but the time now HURTS!!!

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HEHE... Solid... I always say you may be a nasty but you do have a heart of gold too... :) thanks for always having nice words to say and bein there for me... I will be the best mommy in the world :D

omg heart goes out to you on your loss.. *sound of a somber heart hitting the floor*..don't feel too bad..... I lost both of my best friends who i knew for 10yrs to a car accident so having to deal with the grieving of both is hard sometimes especially when certain things they use to say would come out of other people mouths that don't even know them.<br><br />
<br><br />
stay strong and don't mess up that beautiful smile

thanks... i wish i coulda read that last night... it helps to hear that... and it nice to know someone is real about the pain and that its not just gonna go away... more like you learn to live and deal... thnks... ***HUGS back***:D

((((puts my arms around you)))) I do understand. Its going to be difficult for quite some time but you will feel better. Its ok to cry...its okay to let it out. I miss my mom too. Nobody believes in you like mom does. She would encourage me all of the time even with the simple little things. She was always proud of me. Now, my tears are building up. Its hard for me to be strong for you when I miss my own mom so much. Most times has gotten only a hair easier. I simply say all of the time. I love you momma....I miss you momma. I talk like shes here sometimes.