I Lost My Mother to Colon Cancer

Although we were not very close nor was she with her mom. When she died in Nov 06, I felt like a part of me had died too, and I can not explain it. The pain was soo intense I did not know what to do, I prayed and cryed my heart and soul out for 6 months, then it finally started to subside. I learned that she lives on in all those she left behind. I let go of God during this time, but He never let go of me, without Him, I don't know how I would have endured this trauma, but I made it and you can too! Even when the strong are broken they need someone stronger to lean on.
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I lost my mother to colon cancer, my father to leukemia (cancer of the blood), an uncle to stomach cancer, and my grandmother to pancreatic cancer. I have survived breast and kidney cancer.

I lost my mother when I was only 21 yrs old so I lost out on many years with my Mother, I nerver knew my Dad as they divorced when I was only 1 yr old. The pain of a loss of a parent no matter what relationship you had is very very hard,. Please accept my sorrow for your loss. A mother and child bond will neber be broken> God Bless You my Freiend