Lung Cancer

My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer on October 16 2006, she passed away March 16 2007.  The doctors thought she just had pneumonia and did not do any chest x-rays. a couple of weeks later she went back to the hospital, they did an x-ray this time and found the cancer.  Unfortunately the cancer was to far advanced and had spread to her spine and pelvis.  They could not resect the tumor in the lung because the fluid it produced was positive for the cancer.  My mother died of lung Adenocarcinoma stage IV.  If a person does the research they would find that lung cancer receives a fraction of the funding that breast, prostate and colon cancer receive, when lung cancer kills more than all three of those types put together.  People think that lung cancer victims brought the cancer onto themselves because they smoked.  Not all lung cancer patients smoked.  Breast cancer risks increase if a person is overweight, drinks, smokes and consumes caffeine.  I just wish that the government and other people in society would give the number one cancer killer of both men and women the attention it needs, so the patients of this disease have a chance to be cured also.
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I m sorry for you . My sister,I lost my mother in the same disease !in 08/2011 she diagnosed lungs cancer stage 4 and at last 10/05/2011 she died in cancer hospital Toronto! She was brave and tried to fight against it at her best.she was really a great and kind woman in the world.we 6 brothers and sisters miss her badly.My life is devastated finished I can't live without her. I cry and yell everyday thinking of her and lost the hope of living just waiting for my end of life so I will meet her in the other world.take care.

My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 Adenocarcinoma on 5/10/13 and passed away 5/23/12. The cancer spread to her spine, ribs, hip and brain. Her main symptom was severe back and chest pain. The cancer originated in the lungs - which were not as badly diseased as other areas of her body were. It was a devastating loss. She suffered greatly and fought like a warrior. I will never forget this experience and cherish every moment I had with her up till her last breath. She is forever in my heart and soul. I love you mom! You are now one of the brightest angels in heaven!!

My mother passed away from Stage Four Lung Cancer (non-smoker). She had just turned Thirty-five years old, and she was in her prime. She died this year on Good Friday. My father, brother, and I are so upset. I don't think I'll ever recover from the loss in my life. After all, I'm only a 12 yr. old girl. But I know she's in heaven now, where she's supposed to be.

To all those souls out there, like myself, who have cared for a terminally ill loved one, and inevitably lost them to cancer, my heart goes out to you, and aches with you. I cared for my mother at home with hospice the last half of last year, bearing direct witness to her decline and suffering as lung cancer ravaged her body. She died on Christmas day, and I'm still recovering from the experience.

My mother died last wk at age 52. She had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer Nov. 6, 2008 and passed away April 6, 2009. Exactly 5 mnths to the day as well.

my uncle just passed away a week ago from lung cancer he was seriously heavy smoker and he inspired me to try to quit so starting now im going to cut back and try to quit but its true my grandfather never smoked a day in his life and passed away from lung cancer so its not always that persons fault

My grandfather died of lung cancer and now my dad was diagosed in April of 2008 with lung cancer.<br />
<br />
You are correct, lung cancer is the most deadliest and the one they know the least about because the funding is not there...look how far they have came with breast cancer, because of the research...<br />
It is sad that society puts such a stigma on it because of the smoking...there are many lung cancer patients who have never smoked...<br />
Hopefully with more media attention this will change...

it's true no everyone who had lung cancer smokes. I lost both of my gradfathers to cancer. The one had lung cancer and he didn't smoke. I think that we all gonna die of cancer one day. I really hope they will find a cure for it.