I Lost My Mother to Breast Cancer

In 1999 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I helped her through the whole thing. I saw the way it striped her of life. I had a one year old little girl at the time, my mother's only grandchild those to bonded so well. My mother took her to all her treatments, she wanted to spent every minute with her.  We were told that mom had won her battle, but within months we learned that we only had days left to have her in our lives.Within a few days of me finding out I was losing my mother I found out that I was gaining a child. At that time I wanted god to swap the two, but god replaced my mother with my daughter. As young as she is she comforts me when I need it the most and after my ordeal she made sure I took my meds and even rocked me to sleep. So I lost my mother but received her soul in my child.
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My mother died of breast cancer in 1997, she was only 50. My father died in 2004. I feel so alone in the world, no close family connections. Me and my children are just alone in this world.

i lost my mother last may to breast cancer, she was only 54 yrs old and i was 29 then with 2 toddlers. my mother was my backbone, and pretty much the backbone of the family. she was a strong and independent person who was very opinionated. we didn't have the best daughter and mother relationship during my teen years, but when i left home for college and i realized i was on my own, i understood that she was only trying to make me into a strong and independent woman just like her. i thanked her for rules that i hated growing up, but saw it made me who i am today. she was there for my children's birth, and even predicted that my son would come early to be born on my birthday and he did arrive on my birthday. she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a couple months after that, and it was devastating to me. I remember when i first found out i held my son in the rocking chair and cried over and over again. my mom came to see me and the kids 3 weeks before her passing, as if she knew, because she insisted she has to see her grandkids again. when she came she looked so good, i hardly recognized her and i told her and it made her feel good to know she still had it. those 5 days now will always be engraved in my mind forever, because that was the last time i saw her alive. <br />
the day that she passed she held on till i came, i caught the last flight out and flew with my youngest child, praying they would tell me that it was mistake. my mom's cancer returned to her liver and she had cardiac arrest and never came to, they kept her on life support till me and my brother came. when i went to the room, they said she had already stopped breathing 4 times and she came back to hold on just to see us come i believe. i took her hands in mine and i cried and said no mommy don't leave me now, i need u more than ever, she just looked at me, no response, but i know she was saying she will always be there with me. even now as i am typing this letter i am crying, because i cry all the time, i just cannot accept the fact that she is gone. sometimes i find myself so angry that god took her away from me and my kids whom she adored. she showed them so much more TLC than me and my brother, but i knew she loved us, but as a grandmother does, she doted on them and would have gone to the end of the world for them. there are times i feel like killing myself so i can possibly see her, but i know she would disapprove and want me to be strong for my children pass down all those rules and social graces she taught me, and hope my kids won't give me hard time like i did her. <br />
i miss my mother in ways that i never thought imaginable,sorry for such a long story, this is first time that i have actually wrote or spoke to anyone about her death.

I am truly sorry for your loss. I haven't had to face what you have, but I did face the challenges that came into view when my own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She survived both breast cancer and a stroke. But the thought of losing my mother is just indescribable. I don't know what I'd do. Although you lost your mother you gained a most precious gift one of the heart. A mother's gift to another is what my grandmother used to say. I'm sure you miss her everyday. I hope this comment finds you and yours in great health and surrounded with the love that your mother left for you to pass on. A legacy is what will hold you together. Take care and God Bless.