My Mom ((rip 3/17/08<3))

I believe I was ten when my Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was the summer after fifth grade when she told me. At first she was able to do normal things. But as time went on, she got worse. She was diagnosed with bone cancer and soon could barely move. Throughout my entire seventh grade year, she was in and out of hospitals. By June of that year (2007) she was had to go to a rehabilitation center to learn how to walk again. That year was the year both My Mom and I felt completely helpless. She couldn't help herself, and I couldn't help her either. But by the end of the summer, she was home and walking around. Hope was restored. There were even days when she felt well enough to go to the store with me. I did whatever I could to make her feel her best. My two older brothers and my Dad did as well. However, both brothers had just started college and my dad was working a lot to pay off the medical bills so I was my mom's main care taker. She rarely asked me to help her, but I worried constantly about her and would go to the end of the earth for her. I didn't do any after school activities because I wanted to make sure I had the maximum amount of time with her.


In February of 2008, she began to get weak very quickly. Within one week she became bed ridden. She was admitted to the hospital on a Monday and by Friday she was admitted to a Hospice care center. A week later, she was barely responding to us. She could hardly keep her eyes open and could not eat or drink. The most she was allowed to do was suck on a small ice cube. I couldn't stand to see her like that and decided I could not come see her anymore. The last time I saw my mom alive was March 14, 2008. I sang her a lullaby she used to sing me when I was a baby, and then I left. It was a Friday night. Monday morning I returned to school, not knowing it was Saint Patrick's Day. I allowed myself to have a good day because that's what my mom would have wanted.

I was walking home from school that day, thinking "I want to go see Mom." However, when I got to the end of my street, I could see my brothers' cars, my dad's truck and two of my brothers' friends cars. As I approached my house, I could see my Moms belongings in the passenger seat of my dad's pick up. I instantly knew what had happened.




That's my story. For anyone going through a similar experience, I know how tough it is. This experience has hurt me in way's I've never known possible. Two years later and I still can't talk about it with anyone other than my brothers. I'm lucky I have siblings, because they know directly what it's like to lose MY mom... our mom. They know who she was and how much she means to me because they feel the exact same things. It's hard to find that when talking to my dad or friends or a therapist. Sometimes you need someone who went through it in a similar position to you.

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I am glad that you have your brothers to lean on. I also know what it is like to be the youngest in the family. I was 25 when my mom first found out about her cancer, and because I was married, but the youngest without children, I spent a lot of time with her. There were things that I went through with my mom, that no-one in my family experienced. Although I hold those experiences close to my heart, because that is how God allowed love to grow, they are still hard for me to express. It's been 11 years now, and I am just starting to share my story, which is hopefully a way for me to reach out to people who are hurting. It seems easier to share it wih people I don't know, and can't see their faces. But I hope my story will help and comfort someone else who is going through such a tragedy. Sometimes it is the life changing experiences that have the most out-standing results, and lets love grow. Lean on Jesus to walk you through the tuff times in life, and be his example. I know at such a young age, that you are going to go through so many mile-stones in your life and be heart-broken and happy at the same time. Those are what I call bitter-sweet moments, that can swallow you, if your not careful, and make you feel like your going crazy!, Hold on and lean on God. Praying for you.