my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in either late 1996 or early 1997. she didnt wanna tell me or my sister about it since we were so young at the time. but kids will be kids and we found out. my sister eavesdropped on a conversation my mom was having with my gma and came back to our room to tell me what she heard. i didnt wanna believe her. neither of us really knew what it meant. i dont think she wanted to tell us bc she didnt want us to get sad or think every day was the last day we would have with her. pancreatic cancer is one of the worse cancers there is. it has a very low survivor rate. i now know that the cancer was found too late for all the help there could have been if it was found sooner. i know that she was on some sort of medicine but thats about it. the dr gave my mom six months to live. and six months after he gave her that news she died. before she was ever diagnosed with cancer or anything she always said she didnt wanna live over 40. if she would have lived one month longer she would have turned 40. every day till about the last month or so my mom was always with me and my sister. she didnt look sick or like she was dying. she was a fighter all the way till the end. as a result of the cancer she did forget who ppl were or what their names were but the night before she died she got that all back. we all got to say our goodbyes that we didnt know were gonna be our goodbyes. for the longest time i just told myself that she was gone on a vacation for a long time but i mean i was only 8 when it happened. to this day i still look to the sky to look for the brightest star in the sky just like my sister told me to do bc that is my mom saying hello. it has been almost 13 yrs since she lost her battle but i still have her in my heart. and i always will till the day i die and join her in heaven.

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