Dark Memory

In 2008 my mom seemed distant from me (10) and my younger brother (5). One day in march, she got really upset and went to the bathroom and loaded the gun in front of me. She then took me and my bother to my grandpas and went back home. I told him about the gun and he rushed over. He called the police.... Soon he came back with tears in his eyes and took me to my grandmas. A whole group of people were crowding her. I just stood there, I was not prepared for what she told me next "mommy's gone to heaven" I bursts out crying and I didn't eat for weeks. I didn't know how she did it until 2010 when my grandpa got cancer, my cousin told me about my mom. And I rushed to him. It's been 5 years now almost 6 and I will always remember her, I will always miss her, but I will also always remember this memory <3
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Remember you are not alone. God love you even it' s hard to understand why it happened. You're still loved! XOXO

Thank you.

i lost my mom when I was 6 and it was ******. I didn't lose her to suicide, but I wonder if she was suicidal when she died.