I Lost My Mom When I Was 10

My mom had me to early in life to be able to care for me, and she had her parents watch after me till she could care for me, well she had another child (my brother) and she and him moved in with my aunt and uncle, she tried to take me back and my grandparents wouldn't let her, they had changed my name to there last name and changed my first name, well a man who though he was my birth father kidnapped me and took me to mexico changed my name back and brought me back to the u.s.when he found out he was not my father and thats when my grandparents got me again. They moved me to NC and my mother found out and asked for me back again, still they said no...When i was 9 years old i had a phone calls with my mom and we set up a plan for her to get me back. My grandmother had business back in FLA and my mom said we could stay at her place. when we got to FLA we unpacked some stuff in my moms apartment and waited on her to get off work...a knock on the door was from my lil brother who asked if i could come play with him at the babysitters next door, my grandmother said yes and i left the apartment and thats when i saw my mommy, standing with the police..She had my grandmother removed and made my grandmother leave me...after the police made her leave me behind we had a huge party for my home coming and i got to meet my youngest brother who was 1 and a half :) every weekend we went swimming at large hotel pools because people would throw parties and invite my mom, but she was to scared to leave us alone so we went along as well, well after a few weeks i turned 10 i was sooooo happy, my mommy took me to where she worked and we got to eat alllll the crableggs we wanted :D ill never forget that birthday...I lived with my mom for 6 months and she had this really mean boy friend, he was in a band and had who kids a boy and girl...one night me and mommy were supposed to have our girls night and her bf called and said he needed to see her, so she left with him and i stayed home to help the roommate move in, and watch my two bothers and her bfs two kids. I remember staying up sooooo late and she never came home, so i figured they went to his place to crash...about 5 in the am we hear banging on the doors, so loud that we were the last apartment and they were at the first apartment door, I answered the door when they got to mine and I remember the police officer asking me if a adult was home, i told him no, my mommy was with her bf, he asked me if she had a white car and i answered yes, the baby sitter from across the street come over and asked what was going on, they told me to go inside so i did. They (the police officer and the babysitter) came in and showed me a picture and asked me if i knew who the people were, i named off all the people in the picture "thats jose, mommys bf, thats mommy, and thats lilly" Ill never forget the next sentence that came out of that mans mouth..."I'm sorry, but your mommy, wont be coming home" I started crying,and i fell down and hugged our puppy she had just got us and cried, finally i woke up my brother , him only being a year younger than me and told him mommy was dead, he pushed me away and ran off, the police and i went looking for him, they told him it was true. that was on nov.16,2003 (some thanksgiving) but better yet i found out how my mommy died, she was at the bar, and saw her bf kissing another girl, she got mad and left in a rage, he went after her and her friend lilly said she had hit him and told him to leave her alone, when she pulled out of the drive way he followed her in his suv, and as she went over some rail road tracks he rear ended her car throwing her car in a spin going head over heel, and she went out the window and the car landed on her, but it didnt kill her right then and there even though they tell me it did, because two years after she died I got a call from the hospital saying she forgot to pick up her items from the hospital when she checked out..and we had to tell them she had passed away, not checked out. and we went back to get her purse, and belongings that she had on her, the bloody clothes, the necklace, and shoes....memories that i will never lose...I still talk to my mommys friends that were there that night and i still talk to her friends, i go and visit them and we talk, but everyday i wish she was still here. if he wouldnt of hit her, she would still be here..
bbygurl93 bbygurl93
18-21, F
Sep 18, 2012