She Died When I Was 5

I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was 5. I don't remember a lot about her since she passed away when i was so young, but anyway I miss her so much and i can't help thinking how different my life would be if she wasn't dead.
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My mother passed away from breast cancer level 5, when I was 5 in 1988.
It's been 25 years since her death and not a day goes by that I do not think about her & miss her. I still cry at times!
I never recieved any counseling as a child, as a result I suffered during my adolescent and young adult years with depression & post traumatic stress disorder.
I finally bit the bullet and seeked professional help which has helped me heal enourmously.
They says TIME heals all wounds/pain...unfortunately emtional & mental scars can last forever.
Stay strong & know she is not in pain anymore...never doubt she LOVED you heaps!!! 😉😄

I know how you feel my mom die when I was four

I feel fortunate to have memories of my mother. Even though I remember the night she died, I also have a couple other memories that keep me connected. They're very faint, but I'd encourage you to get in touch with any memories you have. And if you don't have any, try to connect with others who knew her.

I can totally relate. I lost my mother when i was 3 to colon cancer. I cant remember her at all and i always go back to thinking my life would somehow be better/different if she had lived. I would give anything just to be able to talk to her or have one memory of her to hold onto. I just wanted to tell you that u are not alone!

i know how u feel i lost my mum when i was 13 and i miss her soo much x


I know how empty you would feel without her. Death was not the end of her life but it was the end of her suffering. Now, she is resting in peace. Someday, we all will join her. It's not going to be so long. Life is just a short span of time of timeless eternity.

I can relate. While I was a bit older when my mother passed, circumstances kept us apart. I often wonder what my life would have been like if she had been around to guide and participate in my life. <br />
<br />
There are times where I feel lucky though. My mum had problems, and it could have gone either way. Perhaps it could have been worse if she were still here and suffering. I'll never know.