I Was 9 Years Old....

When I was around nine years old, I lost my mother. She died due to kidney failure. Not a day goes by that I don't miss her. After she died, I had to go into a foster home, where I was abused. My mother was an only child, and my father had left my mom, when he found out, that she was pregnant. She raised me, she worked very hard to make sure I got what I needed, and she made me feel very loved. She is now an Angel, and I know she is always watching over me.
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4 Responses Jun 11, 2010

P.S. I am sure your mother was AMAZING too. That must be where you get it from :)

You're amazing! Your strength encourages me. :)

I have seen my friend losing her mom........and could feel the pain.......and i admire ur courage to get back to life at the age of 9......and i know our loved ones are always watching us........and in ur case u also have god besides ur mom who will take care of u in future and see to that u find all the happiness in life and never ever get sad........because u have had ur share of sadness when ur mom left u...........its time now to have ur share of happiness.........sending u loads of hugs from my country india.......cheers

I lost my mother in 2004, she was my best friend. My father was dating 1 week after her death, a friend both of theirs( a divorcee of 20 years who claimed she hated men). He's 75 and acts like 20. I'm fifty and have a really hard time with my emotions on the whole thing. she moved in with pops and married 4 months after my Mom death. My dad threw all my mothers belongings out the next day after she died? The whole is still vast in my heart. My mom left a lot of money to myself and siblings, and grandkids. Pops and new wifey have since used up all the funds sold house and have tied all theirs assets up just in case pops dies and sweetie pie would be left out in the cold. Lifes just life. I've learned the hard way if you want your wishes carried out, get something in writing that NO ONE can un-do.